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История на сексуалността, том 1: Волята за знание
Югославия, моя страна
Where has the history of Europe Begins 
Автор: Йордан Детев/Jordan Detev
Раздел: Алтернативна история, Антична история
Издателство: Международна фондация за българско наследство
Народност: българска
ISBN: 97895457829781
първо издание, 2013 год.
меки корици, 88 стр.
Цена: 20,00 лв  
The world scientific opinion examine the hypothesis for the beginning of the European culture. This opinion oscillates between the Early Neolithic Balkan-Anatolian Block and the Early Neolithic Mediterranean Block. This book is a contribution to the hypothesis that the Early Neolithic Balkan-Anatolian Block is leading to the beginning of the European culture and was a direct inspiration for the first civilization...
Lately many magazines and media (Out time - World's greatest cities, The Daily Telegraph, etc.) ranked the oldest cities on the planet. Plovdiv was honored with 6th place in the world and First in Europe. In ceremonial list was indicated that the onset of Plovdiv immortality was from 4000 ВС Why?
In Plovdiv there are near 10 major archaeological sites, 4 of them are prehistoric settlements. Two of them originate from the Neolithic period and have the same name - "Ydssatepe". The second is fully explored by Prof. P. Detev and provided thousands of artefacts in the local museum...
All archaeologists are puzzled by the strange collapse of the ascending Balkan cultures that happened in the beginning of Bronze Age. We explored precisely the reasons for the disappearance of the first civilization in the world. AND WE DISCOVERED THE LOST OLD WORLD, which Plato called... ATLANTIS! An astonishing result, with which is forthcoming to familiarize yourself.
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