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Нашата препоръка
История на сексуалността, том 2: Употребата на удоволствията
Japan through Russian eyes (1855 – 1905) 
Автор: Albena Simeonova
Раздел: История на Азия
Издателство: Парадигма
Народност: бразилска
първо издание, 2007 год.
меки корици, 360 стр.
Цена: 17,00 лв  
ALBENA SIMEONOVA is a Bulgarian scholar who has gotten her MA and PhD degrees from two universities in Tokyo, Sophia University (Jochi) and Waseda University respectively.

This monograph is primarily concerned with the Russian intellectuals' perceptions of Japan in the period between 1855 ind 1905, including their response to the wars of 1894/95 and 1904/05. While most students of Russo-Japanese relations tend to concentrate on military and/or diplomatic affairs, Dr. Simeonova has chosen a different approach to her study matter, by focusing on the variegated pattern of Russo-Japanese encounters, on several levels: cultural, political, and historical. Not surprisingly, her analysis of the not-so-formal Russian perceptions of Japan has resulted in conclusions that defy our pre-conceived notions of what Russian attitudes toward the Japanese may have been like. well-researched, Dr. Simeonova's book draws on a wide variety of sources: e. g., primary sources from the period under consideration, such as Russian newspaper and journal articles, monographs, reminiscences, travel accounts, diaries, short stories, novels, poetry, and diplomatic archival documents as well as a number of secondary sources, which are published in English, Russian, and Japanese.
With its accessible prose and smoothly narrative-driven chapters, the book is a suitable text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in Russo-Japanese relations. Also, with some ol its interpretations being innovative or even frankly revisionist, the book is provocative and will attract the attention not just of historians but of the wider reading public as well.

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